Charity Concert for the Reconstruction of the National Museum House of Leaves

On February 28, 2020, the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in the Netherlands and the Dutch-Albanian Foundation (SNAV), organized a fundraising concert to support the restoration of the National  Museum "House of Leaves". Fundraising from the Dutch-Albanian Foundation (SNAV) was aimed at reconstructing some of the damage the museum suffered from the strong earthquake that struck Albania on November 26, 2019. The charity concert was held at the Keizersgracht Church, Amsterdam.


Ambassador Ms. Adia Sakiqi delivered the opening and thank you speech at the beginning of this concert. Ms. Sakiqi mentioned in her speech that the "House of Leaves" Museum serves as an important part of Albania's historical tourism and that there is a need to support smaller museums that possess fewer resources. The House of Leaves carries an important historical legacy related to human rights and addresses the wounds of the dictatorship's past. The ambassador also mentioned that the House of Leaves Museum has won this year the prestigious "Museum of Europe 2020" award from the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in defense of human rights.


Ambassador Sakiqi also had the opportunity to thank the members of the Dutch-Albanian Foundation for their support in collecting and managing the concert donations, as well as the Chairman of the Albanian Diaspora Business Chamber, Mr. Ardian Lekaj as sponsor of the event.


Ambassador Ms. Sakiqi also expressed her gratitude to the Italian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr. Andrea Perugini, for his support, and to the Italian Embassy for its support in financing the travel of Italian musicians to Amsterdam.


In total, nine Albanian, Italian, Romanian, Belgian and Mexican artists came together in solidarity at this concert and gave spectators an extraordinary musical performance.


All donations will be transferred from the Foundation to the "House of Leaves" museum, and will be used in particular to renovate damaged floors, reinforce the structure of the building, as well as to rebuild two exhibition spaces.

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