The meeting of Minister Bushati and the Secretary of State Kerry

Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ditmir Bushati held an official visit to the United States of America, where he was received in a special meeting at the Department of State by the Secretary of State, Mr.  John Kerry, on April 22th, 2015. Parties assessed bilateral relations as being of priority and strategic importance, particularly the materialization and concretization of this strategic partnership through the "Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership between the United States and Albania", a document signed during the visit.

Minister Bushati extended his gratitude for the continued support of the United States to Albania in fully meeting its European aspirations, and reiterated the commitment of the Albanian government to continue being a strong partner of the U.S., in terms of stability, peace and prosperity in our region and beyond, as well as in the fight against terrorism, violent extremism and protection of human rights.

Focusing on bilateral cooperation in the economic field, Minister Bushati noted the measures undertaken by the Albanian government to improve the investment climate and underlined that Albania welcomes the increased presence of U.S. companies and expertise in our country.

U.S. Secretary of State praised Albania's role as a reliable partner and contributor to global security, a strong ally and a very strong friend and NATO ally, as well as a stability force  in the Western Balkans. He expressed gratitude for the important contributions of Albania to the NATO mission in Afghanistan, the international efforts in Ukraine, humanitarian and stabilization goals in Iraq and the fight against the threat of international terrorism and foreign fighters.

Moreover, Secretary Kerry praised Albania's progress in consolidating democracy and steps taken in terms of the European perspective of the country. He reaffirmed the full U.S. support to Albania in its EU accession path through the continuation of reforms, strengthening of the rule of law and fight against corruption and organized crime. Secretary Kerry assured that the U.S. will remain a strong partner and ally of Albania.

During a joint press release between Minister Bushati and Secretary Kerry, Minister Bushati stated: “Albania and the United States are strategic partners and allies both in NATO and other international organizations. We are working closely together in Iraq, Afghanistan, and most recently on the fight against global terrorism and violent extremism. The recent crisis in Europe has shown the geopolitical importance of the Western Balkans, and if our region is nowadays at peace, it is largely due to the constant engagement of the U.S. Today, we will discuss ways on how to further streamline our strategic partnership”.

Secretary Kerry stated that: "Albania is, first of all, a very strong friend and NATO ally. Beyond that, they’ve been really deeply involved in working with the United States and our partners on a number of different fronts. The the U.S.- Albania Strategic Partnership is proof of our mutual interest in the fight against terrorism, security in the region, fight against ISIL and other initiatives., ", a commitment reaffirmed also in the meeting between Secretary Kerry and Prime Minister Rama.

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