Ambassador Qirko presents Letters of Credence to the President of Ireland

On February 8, 2018 Ambassador Qirjako Qirko presented Letters of Credence to the President of Ireland, Michael Higgins. At the meeting with President Higgins, Ambassador Qirko briefed on the constitutional and legal developments in the country, the justice reform, the constructive role that Albania is playing in terms of peace and stability in the Western Balkans (WB), and the contribution of our country on issues of regional and global security.


President Higgins praised the constructive role that Albania plays in the Western Balkans region, considering it as a key factor for the stability of this region. Speaking about the aspirations of Albania and other WB countries to joining the EU, President Higgins said his country would always support these countries, because Ireland understands better than any other EU country the transformative power of EU membership.


The Ambassador held a series of meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Ireland. During these meetings Ambassador was reassured from the Irish counterparts that Albania’s regional policy is an important factor of stability, as well was given the unconditional support for our country regarding the opening of negotiations for EU membership. The meetings highlighted, inter alia, the need for intensification of economic cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the field of tourism. During these meetings and for all the requests put forward by Ambassador Qirko, he noted the positive approach that the Irish officials had towards our country.

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