Plenary Debate-Virtual meeting of the 210th Session of the Executive Board

Albania continues to implement the National CVE strategy through the Ntl Centre, focussed in training teachers, school directors, prison & probation officers & community policing with the support of & in cooperation with the EC and several Member States. 210th EXB UNESCO We also continu


Statement by S. Exc. Mr. Ferit HOXHA Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Albania to Unesco at the Plenary Debate-Virtual meeting of the 210th Session of the Executive Board

Mr. President, Dear Colleagues Permettez mois, Monsieur le président de commencer par exprimer à nos amis et collègues français, notre profonde sympathie suite au décès du Président Giscard d’Estaing, un grand homme d’État. Mr. President, T


Statement delivered by the Permanent Delegate Ambassador Ferit Hoxha to the Plenary Debate of the 206th Executive board of UNESCO 9 April 2019.

Mr. President, Mme. Director General, Colleagues,   • Multilateralism and the shared desire to work jointly, to deal with challenges and find collective solutions to common problems, are the very reasons we are here. Yet, despite an unquestionable record, multilateralism continues to be


The Republic of Albania and the EU drugs agency strengthen their cooperation



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