Bilateral Relations

In 2015 the Diplomatic Mission to Madrid aimed to accomplish the intensification of the bilateral relations and further development of the economic relations between the Republic of Albania and the Kingdom of Spain and other concurrent countries, such as the Kingdom of Morocco and the Principality of Andorra.

The political dialogue between Albania and Spain marked a significant moment through various official visits and signing of several mutual agreements.

Among the most important activities that took place in 2015 the following are to stand out:

Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania in Madrid, the visit of the Minister of Defense of Albania in Madrid, the visit of the Minister of Justice of Albania, Minister of Integration of Albania and the Presentation of the Letters of Credence to HM King Felipe VI, as well as the Presentation of the Letters of Credence in Morocco and Andorra.

Bilateral cooperation with Spain

The Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Bushati, paid an official visit to the Kingdom of Spain as an invitation from the Spanish counterpart Mr.José Manuel García-Margallo in april. During this visit, they held talks discussing issues of bilateral, regional and multilateral concerne. Ithey also took into account the need of the Spanish presence in Albania by increasing the political cooperation, emphasizing the visits and contacts of senior politicians, ministers, members of Parliament and other state officials, as necessary tools to resetting the political dialogue. In the regional context, the counterparts appreciated the important spanish support on the stability and the European dimension of the Western Balkans.

In February 2015, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Nasip Naco visited Madrid. This official visit included meetings with the spanish Minister of Justice, the Attorney General and the Chairman of the High Council of Justice, in Parliament, in the Commission of Laws and other local officials. A correct cooperation and the promise of a specialized assistance regarding the initiatives and the legislation in the field of justice was emphasized during all the meetings.

In March 2015, the albanian Minister of Urban Development, Mrs. Gjermeni conducted an official visit in Madrid including official meetings with Spanish officials and local business representatives. During the visit, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Development of the Kingdom of Spain and the Ministry of Urban Development of the Republic of Albania.

In September 2015,the albanian Defence Minister Ms. Kodheli officially visited Madrid. She was received by the spanish Minister of Defense and the Commander of the NATO Air Base in Torrejon. The Minister of Defence also had the opportunity to visit the state company of military equipment production.

In October 2015, the albanian Minister of Integration, Mrs. Gjoshaj conducted an official visit to Madrid having the oportunity of meetings with the Secretary of State for the EU in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Spain.The principal aim of the Integration Minister's visit was to provide the support of the Spanish side in the Process of Opening the Negotiations for our country and on the efforts and the work being done in terms of the justice reform and strengthening the rule of law.

In October 2015, the Attorney General , Mr. Llalla conducted an official visit to Madrid. He was received by the Attorney General of Spain, the Serious Crimes Prosecutor and the Antiterror and Corruption Prosecuter. During these meetings, they exchanged experience and promised support in addressing issues of common interest.


    Economic and trade cooperation:

The emphasis on the economic diplomacy has assigned new tasks to our Representation, specially regarding three points: increasing the direct Spanish investments in Albania; increasing the Albanian exports to Spain and raising the number of Spanish tourists visiting Albania. The number of spanish companies interested in investing and working in Albania has been considerable. Large important ones such as IBERDROLA, REPSOL, ENAGAS, GILMAR, OHL, INECO, INDRA, have established contacts with our Embassy and have expressed interest in areas such as: energy, distribution, supply and purification of drinking water, infrastructure and tourism.

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