Solidary Albania

Embassy of the Republic of Albania in the Republic of Slovenia invites Albanians and partners, associations and businesses in Slovenia, to offer their contribution in this moment of solidarity to the families and citizens in need, who were affected by the earthquake. #ShqipëriaSolidare
To help all the families, affected by November, 26th earthquake, several bank accounts were made available by the Government of Albania.



“Kontribute vullnetare, Emergjenca” in second-level banks

Banka Credins

IBAN në ALL (Lek): AL29 2121 1016 0000 0000 0030 0001
IBAN në EUR: AL72 2121 1016 0000 0000 0030 0003
IBAN në USD: AL02 2121 1016 0000 0000 0030 0002

Postal Address

Embasy of Albania
Tavčarjeva ulica 10
1000 Ljubljana

Tel / Fax

Tel. +38615473650
Fax +38615473652
Nr. emergjence



Monday to Friday
08:00 - 16:00