Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Ferit Hoxha at the Security Council meeting on the adoption of draft resolution to convene an ESS of UN General Assembly on Ukraine

Dear Colleagues,
Albania voted in favor and welcomes the adoption of this resolution.
Formally, this short text is of purely procedural nature. But its significance is of historic proportions.
Last Friday, a veto tried to lock the UN, at a time when we need it most.
Not anymore!
Those 5 lines of the text we just adopted, open the big doors of the place where the world meets, the UN General Assembly, to speak out and condemn an unprovoked and unjustified pure act of aggression.
The UNGA Emergency Session is all about condemning an unprovoked war, it is about upholding the Charter; it is about sending a clear and iron-strong message of what is acceptable and what is not, including to the Russians citizens, who need to listen to the world and hear it!
Russia must be stopped in its attempt to break the international rules-based order to replace it with its will.
All Member States, especially the small ones, which constitute the majority of the UN, must remember that International Law, Rules and the UN Charter are their best friend, their best army, their best defense, their best insurance. Russia’s actions undermine them!
It is time to learn from past mistakes, not repeat and perpetuate them.
Russia can, at any moment, come back to reason, stop the war, recall its invading troops, go back to talks – real talks for peace, not for surrender and capitulation.
But this needs lucidity, courage and wisdom, not threats for apocalypse.
As we said it last Friday, this is not a time to stay idle or look away.
It is time to stand up. Ukraine and Ukrainians are resisting.
My stoim i budem stayat c Ukraineoyu! (We are and will stand with Ukraine)
Thank you.  


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