Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta was received by the President of the Parliament of Portugal, Mrs. Maria da Assunção Esteves, in Lisbon

Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta, during his 2-days visit in Lisbon, was received by the President of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal, Mrs. Maria da Assunção Esteves
Mr. Meta and Mrs. Esteves assessed the very good bilateral political relations, reciprocal support in international level and well understanding and traditional friendship that exist between both countries and peoples. 
Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta expressed the gratitude for the support of Portugal in respect of NATO membership, visas liberalisation regime for Albanian citizens and the adoption of candidate status into EU. 
President of the Assembly of Portugal, Mrs. Maria da Assunção Esteves welcomed Mr. Meta and assured him for the support of Portugal in the frame work of European integration as well as for the maximal will to strengthen bilateral parliamentary cooperation and in respect of regional platforms such as Mediterranean Union. 
Mrs. Esteves stated that Portugal and Albania should cooperate closer in function of strengthening the European humane and democratic values by emphasising that the visit of Mr. Meta in Lisbon is a boost to the concrete relations between both countries. 
Speaker of Parliament of Albania, Mr. Ilir Meta highlighted that the two parliaments play a particular role in strengthening the relations between both countries by underlying that the increase of political and economic cooperation between both countries serves not only the stability and prosperity of the Balkan region but also social and economic progress of Mediterranean basin. In this frame work, it was also assessed the constructive and positive role of Albania in the region in particular in respect of the relations of good neighbourhood.
Mr. Meta also assessed the support Portugal gives Kosovo by stressing that this is a precious contribution to peace and progress of the Balkan region. Both counterparts discussed on the recent developments in the EU and neighbouring regions of the Union by highlighting that the spread and consolidation of European human and democratic values serves the increase of security and stability of the entire continent. 
Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Meta invited Mrs. Esteves to pay a visit in Albania by expressing the conviction that the two Parliaments have already entered a new dynamic phase of cooperation which is going to strengthen further through the work of the groups of friendship and reciprocal parliamentary committees. 
Mrs. Esteves invited Mr. Meta to visit the exhibition of the 40th anniversary of Portuguese revolution in the premises of the Parliament as well as a formal greeting by the Portuguese MPs, in the hall of plenary sessions, in honour of the Albanian delegation.

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