Ambassador Trako took part at the meeting on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the accession of Poland to the EU

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the accession of Poland, along with nine other European countries, to the EU, the Polish Embassy in Lisbon organized a meeting with the ambassadors of Greece, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Albanian Ambassador Edmond Trako as Dean of European Group of Ambassadors.

10 years ago, the largest expansion in the history became reality with 10 countries being admitted on the same day as new members of the EU. The Polish ambassador praised Poland's accession to the EU, as a factor of changing the mentality of the people and also, developing and modernizing the country's infrastructure. The opening of the borders did change the concept of immigration. The citizens of these ten countries are no longer seen as second class citizens, but as European citizens.

An important topic was the EU further enlargement policy with new members, especially at this crucial moment for Albania on its way to obtain the candidate status. Ambassador Trako briefed the participants on the progress of this process on the basis of the findings of II Dialogue EU-Albania and on the commitment and achievements of the Albanian Government for the implementation of the five key priorities of the Roadmap, to meet the main objectives, which will be reassessed at the III Dialogue Albania-EU in June.

All the participants shared the opinion that Albania is closer than ever to receive the candidate status to European Union.

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