Ambassador Edmond TRAKON meets the General Director for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal

On 06.11.2013, Ambassador Edmond TRAKO held a working meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Portugal, with the General Director for European Affairs, Mr. Francisco Duarte Lopes.

Ambassador TRAKO exposed a comprehensive overview of the recent developments in Albania. In particular, he was focused on issues relating the fulfillment of the obligations of Albania for the status of EU candidate country. Ambassador TRAKO expressed the Albanian Government's assessments on the European Commission Progress Report considering it an objective reflection of our efforts to fulfill the reforms associated with the completion of the 12 key priorities of the Opinion. The Albanian Government is aware of the fact that , further progress is needed and that the governing majority is showing complete readiness to have a constructive and sustained dialogue with the opposition.

The General Director for European Affairs, Mr. Francisco Duarte Lopes , said that , "As you know from other meetings you had with diplomats at the Ministry, or meetings you had with our colleagues in the Parliamentary Assembly, Portugal has always been in favor of EU enlargement. Portugal maintains the same approach even that we are conscious that the new admissions within the EU, we will create economic problems for us".

Regarding the current situation, he continued, we are closely following the fulfillment of those obligations that are associated in particular with the rule of law and stability in the region, where the role of Albania is evaluated positively. Also, the voting with consensus of the three laws recommended by EU, and recent parliamentary elections that were considered competitive, with active participation of all voters during the campaign and with respect for fundamental freedoms, were important elements that influenced the Commission's positive recommendation regarding the granting of candidate status to Albania.

Meanwhile, the Commission is following every day, the concrete steps that Albanian Government is making, regarding the last five priorities, in particular in the fight against corruption and organized crime, without forgetting other reforms in administration, judiciary system and protection of human rights.

"We can assure you“, said director Lopes, ”Albania is rated positively by us, and we will be on your side”.

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