Albanian Embassy organizes the Business Forum on Opportunities of Doing Business in Albania

On 18 and 19 July 2013, in Portugal took place the Forum on Opportunities of Doing Business in Albania. This forum was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in cooperation with AICEP Portugal (Portuguese Investment Agency and Foreign Trade) and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Albania in Porto, Mr. Valdemar Gonçales.

The forum was attended by representatives of AIDA (Albanian Investment and Development Agency) headed by Executive Director Ms. Eneida Gurja , Union of Chambers of Commerce, represented by the president of the union, Mr. Ilirian Zhilla, Klik Expo Group President, Mr. Luan Muhametaj and other Albanian businessmen. Portugal was represented by AICEP Executive Administrator Mr. Pessoa 's Pedro Costa in Lisbon and in Porto with the coordinator for Europe Mr. Mario Gomez, Vice President of AIP (Portugal Industry Association) Mr. Joao Dotti, representatives of FIL (International Lisbon Fair), Mrs . Maria Helena Ramos from AEP (Association of Entrepreneurs of Portugal), Chamber of Commerce Luso - Albanesa , represented by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Albania in Madeira , Mr. Joao Miguel Antonio Fernandes and more than 50 Portuguese businessmen interested in developing investments in Albania.

During his speech, Albanian Ambassador in Lisbon, Mr. Edmond TRAKO, stressed the importance of this exceptional Forum , both in terms of strengthening the relations between the two countries, as well as mutual economic benefit within the active economic diplomacy. Establishing contacts between state and private institutions, or various businesses is a priority in order to concrete the policies undertaken by both countries to promote bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

Executive Director of AIDA Ms. Eneida Gurja gave an expanded presentation of Albania followed by a video material with a summary of all economic indicators and the opportunities offered by Albania. Ms.Gurja explained more specifically, focusing on the Portuguese possible interest, the Albanian legislation, and the policy initiatives to facilitate doing business in Albania, why our country is attractive competing regional investment market, the qualification of the labor force in Albania as well as the favorable system of taxation, facilitating foreign business and increasing the efficiency of investments.

The President of the Union of Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Ilir Zhilla, while being more specific in his presentation, said that despite the improvement in the business climate, the role of local partners is irreplaceable. Also, Albania's geographic position is very advantageous since it can be used as a focal point for the distribution of Portuguese products manufactured in Albania to all Balkan region with minimal transportation costs. He assured the participants that the Union of Chambers of Commerce is committed to perform the role of their future Business Advocate in Albania.

Also, the other representatives of Albanian entrepreneurship, who participated in this forum, made presentations of their activities. Representative of Klik Expo Group, part of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, assured partnerships with foreign investment to promote and concrete their first steps of starting a successful business in Albania.

Four cooperation agreements were signed during this event:
1. Memorandum of Understanding between AICEP & AIDA
2. Protocol of Cooperation between the Union of Chambers of Commerce & AIP (Portuguese Industry Association in Lisbon)
3. Protocol of Cooperation between FIL & Klik Expo Group
4. Protocol of Cooperation between the Union of Chambers of Commerce & AEP (Portuguese Business Association, Porto)

At the end of the meetings were held individual meetings with participants in order to determine the specific needs of each of them and to establish direct contacts with the business community.

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