Albanian business promotion at the focus of the Albanian Embassy activities

During 12-14 April 2014, the Albanian Embassy in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate in Porto, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal - Albania and Portuguese Business Association ( AEP ) based in Porto, organized three conferences , at the cities of Amares , Bragança and Moncorvo aiming to promote the Albanian business and finding ways for more effective cooperation in the future.

The main focus of these activities was to give a new impulse to economic & public diplomacy, through the divulgation of promotional material and information on economy, tourism, investment and business in general in Albania.

Ambassador Edmond Trako illustrated his speech with audiovisual material over Albania in general and particularly on opportunities on investment and bilateral cooperation that our country offers. Also, Honorary Consul of Albania in Porto, Mr. Valdemar Gonçalves made ​​several presentations on the possibilities of doing business in Albania from the part of Portuguese investors.

During these conferences, the  Albanian Embassy took the opportunity to introduce the International Exhibition calendar to be held in Albania in 2014 to the participants and also to invite the Portuguese companies to be part of the international competition Branding Albania.

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