Diplomatic relations between Albania and Portugal were established on 22 of June 1977. The two countries were represented by non-resident ambassadors respectively in Paris and Rome.

On 2009, Albania opened its first embassy in Lisbon and on 24 of September 2009, the Ambassador, Mr. Edmond TRAKO, presented the Credentials to the President of Portugal, Mr. Anibal Cavaco Silva.

On June 2009 Mr. Fernando D' Oliveira Neves presented the Credentials to the President of the Republic Albania as nonresident Ambassador of Portugal in Albania.

Political relations between the two countries are good, despite the low intensity of bilateral visits and high level meetings.

Portugal has supported the integration process of our country in the EU, especially during the second 6 - month period of 2007, time on witch Portugal had the EU Presidency. Also, Portugal has strongly supported Albania's NATO membership and has recognized the independence of Kosovo.

Bilateral Contacts

• On January 1993, Prof. Dauto Antonio de Sousa Franco, President of the State Audit of Portugal, visited Albania invited by his counterpart in Tirana, establishing the first contacts between the two institutions.

• From 11 to 15 of February 1994, two advisers of the Albanian Prime Minister Office participated in a seminar on administrative reform in Lisbon. They had several meetings with senior officials in Portugal, and also handled a letter of the Albanian Prime Minister to the Prime Minister of Portugal.

• On 1995, the Portuguese government appointed the resident ambassador in Sofia as non-resident ambassador of Portugal in Albania.

• On 16-17 September 1996, Portuguese Ambassador had several meetings at the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• On 22 of January 1997, the Albanian Foreign Minister headed the first high level visit in Portugal.

• On September 1997 the Albanian Foreign Minister joined the high level meeting of the 52nd Session of the UNPA, in Lisbon.

• EXPO '98 is one of the most important moments in bilateral relationships. From 9 to 11 of September 1998, an Albanian delegation headed by the Prime Minister, attended the event in Portugal.

• On 11 September 1998, at the Portuguese Ministry of Economy, was signed between Portugal and Albania the Cooperation, Protection and Promotion of Investments Agreement in the Field of Tourism.

• On 26 January 1999, the Portuguese Foreign Minister Jaime Gama visited Tirana. He had meetings with his counterpart and had separate meetings with the President of the Republic, with the Assembly Speaker and the Prime Minister.

• From 2 to 4 of February 2000 the Albanian Foreign Minister visited Portugal.

• On 12 June 2007 the Albanian Foreign Minister visited Portugal.

• On 14 November 2007 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, Luis Amado visited Tirana.

• On February 2009 the Albanian Foreign Minister visited Portugal as part of his tour to lobby for the ratification of the Protocol of Accession to NATO.

• On March 2009 the Minister of Defense of Albania, visited Portugal. Main topic of discussions was to define the possible areas of cooperation between the two countries.

• From 11 to 12 of May 2010, Lisbon was visited by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. The two ministers, Mr. Meta and Mr. Amado signed a Cooperation Protocol between the two Ministries.
During this visit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ilir Meta, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Portugal and Albania, Mr. Antonio Fernandes and the Albanian Ambassador in Lisbon, Mr. Edmond Trako, signed the Founding Act of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Portugal – Albania.

• From 19 to 20 of November 2010, the Albanian Prime Minister headed the Albanian Delegation to the NATO Summit in Lisbon. Parts of the delegation were the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense of Albania.

• From 16 to 17 of January 2014, the Deputy Minister of Integration, participated at the International Conference on Social Education (Social Literacy) held in Mafra, Portugal, under the DAVID Project, organized by the Luso - Illyrian Institute for Human.

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