On item #8 (c) of the Adopted Agenda as contained in document GOV/2022/32 of June 6th, 2022: Application of safeguards in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea June 8th, 2022

Mr. Chair,
Albania has aligned itself with the statement delivered previously by France on behalf of the EU delegation, however, would like to add the following additional remarks.
In light of the increased number of missiles launches, Albania condemns the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for violating the NPT Safeguards Agreement and all related UNSCR that ban the testing of nuclear and ballistic missiles. Together with all party members to the NPT, we look forward to discuss the matter further in the upcoming Tenth Review Conference of the NPT that will take place this year on August 1-26 in New York.
We urge Pyongyang to respect its obligations under all UNSCR that address its nuclear activities and testing of all types of ballistic missiles, and to refrain from any actions that raises security concerns and disturbs peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula. We strongly encourage Pyongyang leadership to resume into constructive discussions with all relevant parties to achieve a long-lasting political agreement that would consolidate peace and stability in the region and contribute to the strengthening of the world-wide nuclear security architecture. We would like to express our appreciation and support for the efforts of the IAEA’s DPRK team in monitoring the nuclear situation in the country.
Considering the IAEA General Conference decision for this issue to be closely followed by the Agency, we request the Director General to keep the Board of Governors informed and maintain this item on the Board’s agenda for its future meetings.
Thank you,
Mr. Chair.


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