Information on COVID-19 measures in The Netherlands

- all not essential shops and shopping centers are closed. Supermarkets and pharmacies remain open;
- restaurants, cafes and bars remain closed;
- wearing masks by all citizens in any populated public environment (supermarkets and other closed environments) is mandatory;
- it is no longer allowed to organize family meetings or gatherings with more than two people indoors or at home;
- it is no longer allowed to organize in person meetings or gatherings;
- from 15 December 2020 and on, all persons traveling to the Netherlands, without exception, country of origin, must present a valid PCR test of a maximum of 72 hours as well as a rapid test valid for up to 4 hours, at the time of entry into the territory Dutch.
- travel outside the Netherlands is not recommended except for essential reasons
- the previously adopted general measures (work from home, social distance, etc.) were re-emphasized and continue to remain in force.
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