The Embassy of the Republic of Albania in The Hague announces that the regime of movements for Albanian citizens towards the Netherlands will change, starting from tomorrow, June 24, 2021.
-          Based on the assessment of the Dutch government on the low level of Covid-19 infections in Albania, the free movement of all categories of Albanian citizens to The Netherlands will resume from June 24 onwards.
-          From tomorrow, free movement will be allowed for all Albanian citizens, not only for Albanian residents in the EU or for essential reasons. Albanian citizens can travel freely to the Netherlands also for tourism purposes.
-          All Albanian citizens traveling to the Netherlands are not required to present the PCR or antigen tests at the destination.
-          Quarantine is also not mandatory for travelers traveling from the Republic of Albania to The Netherlands, as it is considered a country with a low risk of infections.
-          In any case, we instruct passengers to also contact their respective airlines, as these companies, as private entities, may potentially require special forms or additional measures for passengers at the time of travel.

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