‘’Minister Gent Cakaj meets MPs'' - 7th of May 2019, The Netherlands

The Minister in office for Europe and Foreign Affairs Mr. Gent Cakaj held a meeting today with the Dutch Parliament delegation led by Mr. Hayke Veldman, Chairman of the Commission for European Affairs and Mr. Anne Mulder, reporteur of the Tweede Kamer for Albania.
Minister Cakaj informed the MPs with the performance of reforms carried out by the Albanian government to meet the five key priorities and stressed that the European Commission should assess Albania's achievements objectively, reflecting them in the report that will publish at the end ff the month of May.
Meanwhile for the Dutch President Mulder, this visit serves to increase dialogue between the two countries and recognition of Albania's real situation. MPs praised the progress achieved by Albania for justice reform as one of the most important mechanisms of the legal state. MPs stressed that Albania's perspective is integration into the European Union.
In conclusion, Minister in office Cakaj said that the countries of the European Union should recognise the results achieved by Albania so that the perception of Albania and Albanians is as close to the EU.

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