Helga Schmid at the ambassadorial conference on European perspective of the Western Balkans ‪#‎diploalb2016‬

I'm so grateful that I've been invited to address the conference. It is very important for me to be here especially in honor of Albania, which has been an important partner when it comes to regional co-operation. There are so many challenges which we face together and thank you also for my kindness and willingness of Albania to do this along with us.

I'm here also reaffirmed our commitment on the road to membership in the European Union. The road to membership is open to all countries of the Western Balkans, including Albania. Also, I'm here to emphasize our dedication, but also appeal to proceed in the way of reforms, particularly in very important reform the justice that will be voted on in the next few days. We were very clear and as stated the high representative mogherini publicly in front of a few days in Paris, we are very determined to continue with the way of accepting the Western Balkan Countries.

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