On the date of May 1st, Mr. Shtjefën Ivezaj marked the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Ethnographic Museum of Malesia (Lekaj-Tuz). The anniversary took place in the yard of the museum, where dozens of people attended from all of  Albanian lands, from both sides of the political border of Malesia, from Shkodra, Dukagjin etc.

This anniversary was also attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Montenegro, Mr. Ernal Filo, Deputy Mayor of the "Malesia e Madhe"  Mr. Sytki Ndrecaj (also the president of the patriotic association Malesia e Madhe "Nation's Honor"), the Chairman of the Homeland Association "Malesia e Madhe" based in Shkoder, Mr Ilmi Kurti, the publisher of the magazine "Word" and well-known journalist, Mr. Gezim  Vuçaj, urban municipal councilors of Tuzi, Nikola Camaj and Kola Lulgjuraj and intellectuals, artists and other activists.

Mr Kole Vulaj, spoke briefly about the values of this museum ​​with a lot of sacrifice and many deprivations held by Mr. Shtjefen Ivezaj with the help of his wife, Gjyste Ivezaj. Afterwards, he welcomed Albania's Ambassador to Montenegro, Mr. Ernal Filo, who praised the museum and its founder Mr. Ivezaj, also greeted the wife of Mr. Ivezaj which has supported this historic and patriotic activity. He said the museum is a work of great and indisputable that memorializes historical and cultural autochthony of the Albanians in their lands.

The inventory of archaeological and ethnographic exhibits is rich, there are a lot of items that cannot be found even in the National Museum in Tirana. Ambassador Filo at the end of his speech promised to be more active to the museum and its activities, as well as to sensitize the highest instances of the Albanian state government to give this "monument" a worthy presentation opportunities.

Ambassador took the floor after the owner and founder of the museum, Mr. Shtjefen Ivezaj, who thanked the participants and those who have contributed to the museum, and welcomed in particular the Ambassador Filo, who also participated in marking the anniversary of the other museum as well as other activities of Albanians in Montenegro.

The activity was welcomed by Mr Sytki Ndrecaj, who promised that the "Malesia e Madhe" will do whatever is possible to help the Ethnographic Museum of the Malesia. 

At the end of this activity, Mr. Shtjefën Ivezaj gave some certificates of appreciation to those who contributed in different ways to the museum, library etc. This anniversary was closed with a cocktail.

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