Meeting with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan, Mr.Bunmei Ibuki

Following the historic visit of the Japanese parliamentary delegation to the Republic of Albania from August 19-21, 2014, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan, Mr. Bunmei IBUKI invited Ambassador Bujar Dida for a luncheon, at the Official Residence of the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaker Ibukipraised the very good relations that exist between Japan and Albania and expressed his commitment to continue working for the intensification of bilateral relations, particularly with the opening of the Japanese Embassy in Tirana. During a group photo-op, based on instructive promotional materials prepared in Japanese with the cooperation of Embassy and JICA, Speaker Ibuki evoked the potential for investment by Japanese companies in areas such as agriculture and tourism.

Inrespect of the Albanian tradition of hospitality, Speaker Ibuki and the other parliamentarians welcomed Ambassador Dida, by raising a toast with traditional Albanian “raki”, from the famed region of Skrapari.

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