What made Muslim Albanians risk their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust ?

While experts aren't sure if religion played into a highly secretive sect's humanitarian acts, Jewish refugees were 10 times more likely to be saved than in neighboring countries TIRANA, Albania (JTA) — Most anywhere else in Nazi-occupied Europe, an encounter with police would have likely seal


Albania 2018: Preparing for a breakthrough

Albania looks to the EU to show that it recognises its potential as a partner, by starting accession negotiations in the spring of 2018. Ditmir Bushati explains why the next six months, under Bulgaria’s presidency, will be of crucial importance. Ditmir Bushati is the minister of foreign affairs o


Energy Expo & Forum 2017, Nov 14-16, Expocity Albania

To Whom It May Concern:   We would like to invite you to participate at our Energy Expo & Forum 2017, taking place November 14-16 at Expocity Albania. Also, we extend the invite to any other entities or business from Israel that might have an interest in the Western Balkans/ Al


Government, 1.2 billion EUR in PPP infrastructure projects

The government will offer 1.2 billion EUR of contracts for Public-Private-Partnership projects for the next year. The Ministry of Finances published the full list of works.   There are eight major projects, most of which in road infrastructure. The biggest contract is the building of th


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