Survivors and Stories of War- Remembrance evening at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv University!

Ambassador Bardhyl Canaj attended in 8th of May the event “Survivors. Stories of War. Remembrance evening”, at ANU - Museum of the Jewish People, in Tel Aviv University. The event was held with the participation and support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Israel, Ukr


Diplomacy and the Holocaust-a panel discussion with Ambassadors of Denmark, Albania and Ecuador!

AJC-American Jewish Committee in Jerusalem organized the Holocaust commemoration event “Diplomacy and the Holocaust” featuring a panel discussion with H.E.Ms. Anne Dorte Riggelson, Ambassador of Denmark, H.E.Mr. Bardhyl Canaj, Ambassador of Albania, H.E.Ms. Hellen Deller, Ambassador of Ec


Reception of the diplomatic staff on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day!

Wishing Israel a happy Independence Day! We wish the people of Israel a peaceful and prosperous future. Ambassador Canaj attended the Reception of the diplomatic staff on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day of the Israel hosted by President Herzog. Yom Haatzmaut!


Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel!

On Holocaust Remembrance Day/YomHashoah 28 April 2022, we take a minute to remember the 6 million jewish lives perished and countless others more as well as the suffering of survivors. We are committed to defending human rights by countering antisemitism and other forms of hate. NeverForget


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