Kandidatura e Shqipërisë në KDNJ 2015-2017.


Respect, protection and promotion of human rights have taken central stage in Albania’s Foreign Policy

Agenda and priorities. The Republic of Albania is committed to further advancing its national and

international policies for the protection and promotion of human rights, both, as a national priority and a

pivotal part of Albania’s drive towards the future.

The Republic of Albania is a party to all core United Nations and regional human rights treaties and

instruments, which are directly transposed into the Albanian legislation, and have superiority over

national laws, which are not compatible with them. Their implementation is monitored by a system of

different organs and institutions, including an independent national human rights institution, a

Commissioner for the data protection, the Office of the People’s Advocate.

A major legislative reform has been carried out to ensure full compliance with the relevant provisions of the ratified international

treaties and instruments. Albania will continue to comply with its international human rights obligations and it has been regularly

submitting reports to the relevant treaty bodies.

The Republic of Albania remains strongly committed to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism, as a crucial achievement

and novelty of the reform process of the UN human rights system. As a valuable instrument of dialogue on human rights issues at

the national level, the follow-up of the UPR process is expected to provide for a meaningful progress in national human rights

policies and practices. Albania successfully underwent the UPR in 2009 and 2014 and is committed to fulfill all the

recommendations made aiming at further promoting and protecting the human rights.

Since the establishment of the Council the country has welcomed two human rights mechanisms. Albania pledges to continue

working with Special Procedure mandate holders in implementing their recommendations, and to further discuss and disseminate

the recommendations among relevant authorities, civil society and also the general public.4

Albania has actively contributed to the establishment of the Human Rights Council and its activity ever since and it is committed to

an effective Human Rights Council and its mechanisms, with a leading role in addressing human rights violations and promoting

human rights. Albania’s vision of the Human Rights Council encompasses a body able to promptly, effectively and timely respond to

gross human rights violations.

It is with this understanding that during the Council’s review process in 2011, Albania reaffirmed its principled position on the need

of concrete actions aimed at strengthening this important body. To this end Albania strongly campaigned for the possibility of

providing all candidates to the Council with an inclusive and equitable platform for the presentation of voluntary pledges and

commitments to the promotion and protection of human rights.

The Republic of Albania attaches great importance to the independence of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

(OHCHR) and its role in promoting and protecting human rights worldwide.

In the same vein Albania will continue to promote human rights within the wider UN system, including in carrying on its active

engagement in the work of the UN General Assembly and the Third Committee.


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