Economic Diplomacy


Nexon Kft. is a Hungarian company operating in human resource management systems, providing partners with high quality services and solutions. The company cooperates with various state and local government institutions and agencies, as well as with private companies in different sectors. Ambassador Spasse met today with the Director of Business and Development, Mr. Máté Palicz, and the Director of Sales, Mr. Lajos Hunyady, to discuss with them on the possibilities of cooperation.

International Women’s Day


On the International Women’s Day representatives of the DSB, Mrs. Elda Spasse Albania, Mrs. Rasa DAGILIENÉ Lithuania, Mrs. Roula Anastasiou PAPADOPOULOS Cyprus, visited the Kindergarten of the Semmelweis University, one of the four charities that DSB is supporting. The focus of the meeting was how to further promote the communication development of those children, whom they need it, due to their hindrance caused by cerebral palsy. They met with the Head of the Kindergarden Mrs. Erika Antoni Gaborne and Mrs. Eszter Daróczy – Dean’s representative for international affairs.

7 and 8 March


On the occasion of the 7 and 8 March holidays, Mrs. Elda Spasse organized a reception for the ladies of the Albanian community in Budapest. The absence of protocol, the traditional music, the talented ladies and the high spirit of the students created a warm and cheerful atmosphere, worthy of the love, sacrifices and contribution that our mothers, sisters and teachers give to the society. Respect for our mothers and sisters who pass to young generations the Albanian code and Stop violence against women were the two main messages conveyed at the beginning of the ceremony.

Integration Through Business


The third KAS-IFAT Western Balkans Conference entitled ‘Integration Through Business’ took place in Budapest on 28 February 2019. The one-day conference consisted of two closed panels focusing on the current social-economic development of the Western Balkans and on a series of questions on how the European Union, Germany and Hungary could contribute more efficiently to their economic development. The event brought together decision-makers, experts and representatives of the business community.

Hungarian-Albanian Friendship


Ambassador Spasse met with Mr. István Jakab, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Hungarian-Albanian Friendship Group. During the courtesy meeting we shared our views on the bilateral relations and on the European integration process of Albania. We were pleased to note that the views of both sides on the above-mentioned issues coincide and that makes us believe that new developments will impact positively the relations between Albania and Hungary.

Cakaj – Szijjártó: Hungary reaffirms its support for the opening of negotiations


At the margins of the Warsaw Conference on the Middle East Situation, Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj held a bilateral meeting with Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. Both interlocutors exchanged views on the progress of the European integration process of Albania.

EU Integration of Albania


We had the pleasure to receive at the Embassy Mr. Gellért Horváth, expert on EU issues in the Hungarian MFAT, who, in the next 4 years, will assist the Albanian diplomats at MEFA on the EU integration process. Conversation focused on the advancement of state-consolidating reforms, their achievements and our expectations regarding opening of negotiations with the EU Commission.

Promotion of Albania


Skål is a professional organisation of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. Its members, the industry's managers and executives, meet at local, national, regional and international levels to Do Business Among Friends. In one of these meetings, organized on 21 February, invited by the President of Skål International Hungary, Mr. Péter Jávorkai, and the Vice President, Mr.

Presentation of Albania


Grateful to Ambassador Peter Kraft for organizing another presentation on Albania in front of the @ESSCA_Ecole students. First part of the presentation focused on the contradiction between prejudices about Albania and Albanians and the reality on the ground. In addition to the images, a series of photos from the 2018 edition of Colors of Albania was used during the presentation. The second part concerned some of the internal and external challenges on Albania’s path towards the European Union and the achievements of rule of law related reforms.

Albanian music in Budapest


In the premises of the Argentina's Ambassador residence in Budapest, Hungarian friends, members of the Albanian and Argentinian community in Hungary, colleagues of the diplomatic corps and of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania had the pleasure to enjoy "Lulebore", "Moj e bukura More" and other Hungarian and classical pieces, masterfully interpreted by the talented soprano Alisa Katroshi and the Hungarian-Argentinian pianist Attila Jeszensky-Böhm. The concert came as an initiative of Ms.



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