7 and 8 March

On the occasion of the 7 and 8 March holidays, Mrs. Elda Spasse organized a reception for the ladies of the Albanian community in Budapest. The absence of protocol, the traditional music, the talented ladies and the high spirit of the students created a warm and cheerful atmosphere, worthy of the love, sacrifices and contribution that our mothers, sisters and teachers give to the society. Respect for our mothers and sisters who pass to young generations the Albanian code and Stop violence against women were the two main messages conveyed at the beginning of the ceremony. The presence of ladies and students from Albania and Kosovo, as well as the presence of Hungarian students, was greatly appreciated. The spouse of the Ambassador of Kosovo Mrs Shqipe Kallaba was happy to join. A special recognition was given to Mrs. Lirika Kabo, teacher of Physic at Petro Nini School in Tirana. She leaves in Budapest for 30 years.

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