Economic Diplomacy

During their visit to Eger, Ambassador Spasse, the Honorary Consul, Mr. Hafuzi and the First Secretary, Mr. Ilir Qorri, had a meeting with the Administrator of Eger Crown Wine House, Mr. József Rácz. The conversation focused on the winery's history and on the possibility of establishing a relation


George Kastrioti Skanderbeg

Ambassador Spasse, the Honorary Consul, Mr. Avni Hafuzi and I Secretary, Mr. Ilir Qorri, commemorated the 551 anniversary of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg's death by placing flowers in the square bearing the name of the Albanian National hero in the city of Eger. 17.01.2019


Economic Diplomacy

Ambassador Spasse had a very interesting discussion today with Ambassador Peter Kraft of Kraft & Associates focused on tourism sector in Albania. While talking on the incentives of the Albanian Government for FDI in tourism and on the profile of Kraft & Associates, both shared the conviction that no


Economic Diplomacy

Dr. Denes Bulkai, President of ArchEnerg Cluster, and Ms. Irina Szocs, Vice President, visited the Albanian Embassy in Budapest to discuss with Ambassador Spasse on the possibilities of cooperation with Albanian companies in the sector of renewable energy. The Ambassador informed them on the recent


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