Consular Services

1. Address: Embassy of the Republic of Albania (Embassy of Albania)    27 El Gezira Al Wosta, Ground Floor 4., 11561, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. 2. Consular Services: All consular services for Albanian and foreign citizens. New Passports can not be issued at the Embassy. Foreign countries: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Sudan, Libya and all African countries, with the exception of any country that requires otherwise. Add that the citizens of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, in most cases, directed  to the Embassy in Cairo, because they do not get visas to go to European countries, where we cover of.  3. Contact:  E-mail: Embassy.Cairo @           Tel: + 202 27361815/4321          Fax: + 2020 27356966 Consul mobile: +20 1278159700The titular Mobile: + 20 1223 144 328

Postal Address

Embasy of Albania
27, El-Gezera Al-Wossta, Gound Floor
nr. 4 Zamalek, Cairo-Egypt

Tel / Fax

Fax. +202 735 6966
Nr. i emergjences: +201060300388



10:00 – 12:00