Superb manifestation of Albanians in Denmark for the 100th Anniversary of Independence / 05.12.2012

Under the auspices of the Embassy of Albania the Albanian entities and associations in Denmark held in Copenhagen on November 24, a superb festive manifestation on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence with the slogan "TO CELEBRATE TOGETHER 100 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE."

This event was conceived in the form of a huge concert where they were invited artists of all generations, who showed their talent in front of the Albanian and Danish public, presenting the genuine values of the Albanian community living in this part of Scandinavia.
The younger generation artists of the Diaspora in Scandinavia, but also those who belonged to an earlier generation of immigration, performed along with special guests of the evening, coming from the Albanian lands, well-known artists, Bujar Qamili, Violeta Kukaj and Nikole Nikprela. They created more enthusiasm to the public, in a great number Albanians, but also Danish friends. This event will be recorded as the largest event to date, gathering together the Albanians living in Denmark.
This event crowned a series of activities organized throughout the year by the Embassy and the Albanian entities and associations in Copenhagen: RTVZiK-u, Unioni i Studentëve, Radio Antena, Klubi shqiptar “Iliria”, Shoqata Kulturore Shqiptaro-Daneze, Shoqata Vllaznimi, Bashkësia islame shqiptare ne Daninarkë, Organizata e Veteranëve të Luftës së UҪK-së, SHKSH ”Zenel Hasani”, Shoqata shqiptaro-daneze Iliria-Viking, Klubi Shqiptar 2009,, SHKSH ”Valet e Prespes” dhe Revista “Aktuale”.
The well known Albanian writer from Kosovo, Agim Vinca opened the event followed by the greetings-words of the Ambassador Arben Cici. At the event spoke also the Macedonian Ambassador, the advisor to the Minister of Diaspora of Kosova, Diaspora Xhevat Isufi. As recognition for their contribution to the Jubilee activities of 100th anniversary, Ambassador Cici distributed recognition for the young Albanian artist Jimilian Ismaili, a talented young singer and very successful to new Danish public as well as to the young Albanian artists talented Irena Krasniqi, Dardan Jashari, Drilon Durmishi, Fatbardh Ramadani and Orges Qato.


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