Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta meets the Speaker of the Parliament of Denmark. Mr. Mogens Lykketoft.

Speaker of Parliament Mr. Ilir Meta was received by the Speaker of Parliament of Denmark, Mr. Mogens  Lykketoft and the Presidium of the Parliament.  
Mr. Meta is accompanied by a parliamentary delegation: Mr. Gramoz  Ruci, Mr. Shpëtim  Idrizi, Mr.  Agron  Duka, Mrs. Olta  Xhaçka, Mr. Musa  Ulqini, Albanian Ambassador to Denmark, Mr. Arben Cici.

Speaker of Danish Parliament Mr. Mogens  Lykketoft, welcoming  Mr.Meta and the Albanian delegation in Copenhagen, expressed the friendship and support of Denmark for the development of social and economic process and Albania’s European integration. 
Mr. Lykketoft expressed the conviction that the advancement of European agenda will encourage and accelerate the process of reforms and progress in Albania and in the region. 
Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta expressed the gratitude for the support of Denmark not only for Albania’s European perspective but also for Danish projects and particular assistance Denmark has given the Ombudsman. 
Mr. Meta and Mr. Lykketoft shared the common conviction that inter-parliamentary relations between Albania and Denmark will enter a more dynamic phase through reciprocal exchanges. In this frame work, Mr. Meta expressed the satisfaction for the establishment of Albania-Denmark Group of Friendship. 
Mr. Meta introduced his Danish counterpart to the ambitious agenda of reforms undertaken in Albania in function of strengthening the institutions and recovering the economy of the country while emphasised that Danish investors are welcome in Albania mainly in sectors such as energy, agro-processing, agriculture and tourism.  
Both counterparts focused on the developments in the region where was assessed the constructive role of Albania and was stressed the importance of European perspective of all region countries in interest of stability and economic development. In this respect, Mr. Meta made a specific assessment for the positive contribution of Denmark especially in Kosovo. 
Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Meta highlighted that despite the decision in December, Albanian Government remains determined to advance the reforms and Parliament is addressing all the priorities of the European Commission. 
Albanian delegation led by the Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Ilir Meta was officially greeted by Danish MPs during the plenary session of the Parliament of Denmark.


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