Reception on the occasion of the National Day, 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania / 05.12.2012

On the occasion of the National Day, on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, in the Mirror HALL of the Art Gallery (Kunstforeningen Gl Strand), the Ambassador of Albania to Denmark Arben Cici hosted a reception for the Danish authorities, the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Denmark, for the representatives of business, arts and civil society, for Danish friends and Albanian friends of the Embassy.

This event was honoured by the presence of the President of the Danish Parliament, Mr.Mogens Lykketoft, along with other members of the Danish Parliament, senior officials from the Foreign Ministry and other Danish institutions.
After honouring the national anthems of Denmark and Albania, Ambassador Cici welcomed the numerous guests. They tasted the dishes from the traditional cuisine and beverages from various Albanian regions and followed the wonderful images displayed throughout the event which presented the nature, tourist and archaeological sites in Albania, national and folk costumes, sequences from celebration in Albania of the 100th anniversary of Independence, as well as graphic presentation that Google company made for celebrating the National Day of Albanians.


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