The Ombudsman of Albania Mr. Totozani on an official visit to Denmark. / 27.10.2012

On September 26-29, 2012, the Albanian Ombudsman Igli Totozani visited Denmark, officially invited by the Ombudsman of the Danish Parliament, Jørgen Steen Sørensen. He was received in different meetings in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the Danish Institute of Human Rights and in the Danish National Council for Children.

Mr. Totozani was accompanied by the Ambassador of Albania in Copenhagen, Arben Cici.

During the meeting with the Danish Ombudsman Jørgen Steen Sørensen were expressed considerations for so far support of Denmark on the establishment and the functioning of the institution of Ombudsman in Albania and underlined the determination to consolidate and increase the role of this institution focusing on challenges that Albania is facing within its EU integration process.

Through "Neighbourhood Programme" of the Danish Foreign Ministry the support for the institution of the Albanian Ombudsman will continue by a substantial budget for the period 2013-2017.
Mr. Totozani invited for an official visit to Albania the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman, Jørgen Steen Sørensen, who gladly accepted it and assured his counterpart for visiting Tirana. Mr. Totozani was interviewed during his stay in Copenhagen by RTVZiK in Denmark.


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