The novel of the writer Ismail Kadare "The wrong dinner" published in danish. / 27.10.2012

The Danish publishing house TIDERNE SKIFTER ( ) published in Danish language another work of the famous Albanian writer Ismail Kadare. "The wrong dinner" translated into Danish by Gerd Have emerged recently in the Danish market increasing the number of the publications of the writer Ismail Kadare in Danish language. Its echo his widely reflected in the Danish media: ( ). TIDERNE SKIFTER has published several books from the well-known Albanian writer Ismail Kadare translated in Danish ( ) like "Broken April" - 2000, "The Successor"-2006, "Agamemnon’s daughter"-2007.

On 2009, this novel was awarded in France with the “Prix du meilleur livre étranger”.

So far other books from the famous Albanian writer have been translated to Danish, such as "General of the dead army"-1985, "Doruntine"-1990, "The palace of dreams"-1994.

Arben Cici, the Albanian Ambassador to Denmark and Claus Clausen, the Director of Publishing House TIDERNE SKIFTER ( ) have agreed on the launching ceremony project of "The wrong dinner" in Danish, in Copenhagen, in presence of the writer Ismail Kadare himself.


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