Notice for the Albanian Citizens who are still holders of non biometric passports / 29.03.2012

The Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Denmark informs all Albanian citizens residing outside Albania, that the Interior Minister of Albania has issued an order nr.1284/2, dated 28.02.2012, pursuant to the decision nr. 913 dated 21.12.2011 “On the declaration no valid the non biometric passports before the time limit of validity”, taking into consideration the concerns and issues raised by the Albanian communities abroad, is defined as follows:

Starting from 01.03.2011, 00:01, Albanian citizens who are still holders of non biometric passports, are not allowed to travel outside the Republic of Albania;
- Due to not being able to get a biometric passport, Albanian citizens are allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania with non-biometric passport.
For the above mentioned, the Embassy of the Republic of Albania has informed the Danish authorities.


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