The message of Ambassador Arben Cici on the celebrations of the 100 year Anniversary of Independence / 26.03.2012

Dear compatriots,

Dear friends,
The year 2012 marks for all Albanians the 100 year anniversary of Independence, the 100 year anniversary of the creation of Albanian modern state, the 100 anniversary of the return of Albanians in modern Europe, the 100 anniversary of Albanians taking in their hands the fate of the Albanian nation and state.
This 100 anniversary is a big celebration for all Albanians.
It has to be a celebration in the way we are remembering, living, celebrating and cherishing it, all together, no matter where we are, in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Denmark, Scandinavia or in any other country.

The Embassy of Albania in Copenhagen started the celebrations for the 100 anniversary with an admirable representation in the International Fair for Tourism and Travel in Bella Center on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2012.

This is only the start of a year filled with activities.
We would like that all Albanians living in Denmark and all their Danish friends to become part of these celebrations for the 100 Anniversary of Independence.
I have the pleasure to invite all my Albanian compatriots, all the Albanian associations and different medias to be part of these celebrations.
I would like to invite in our celebration all the Danish friends and all those that have been benevolent towards Albania and Albanians.
We invite all of you to bring your ideas and proposals in order to increase the number and the range of the activities that we should and will organize for the celebration of the holy day for the entire Albanian nation: November 28th, 1912!
You are welcome.


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