Meeting at the Albanian Embassy on the celebration of the 100 Anniversary of Independence. / 26.03.2012

In the framework of the agenda on the celebrations of the 100 Anniversary of Independence, the Ambassador of Albania in Denmark Arben Cici and the Ambassador of Macedonia in Denmark Asaf Ademi, organized on February 18th , 2012, in the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Denmark, a meeting with all the Albanian associations, representatives of all Albanian medias and the union of Albanian students in Denmark.

In the meeting were presented the projects for the planned activities of 100 Independence Anniversary and it was emphasized the spirit of cooperation, coordination and whole involvement in organizing these activities.

In the end it was decided:
1.All Albanian associations and medias in Denmark will sign a petition addressed to the Mayor of Copenhagen to name a square or a street of the capital after “Nene Tereza”. The petition will be accompanied by the support of Danish personalities in politics, art, culture and science.
2. The creation of a website, as an opportunity for a direct communication with the public in Denmark and above all to promote the activities that will be organized for the 100 year of the Independence Anniversary.
3. The commitment of all the Albanian media and associations in the process of organizing the activities, promoting them to the Albanian and Danish media and ensuring greater participation not only from the Albanians but also from the Danish friends.


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