Invitation to support the Albanian song in the Eurovision 2014

Dear compatriots living in Denmark and in Scandinavian countries,

Dear friends of Albania and Albanians ,

I am very pleased to let you know that on May 6, 2014, in Copenhagen where will be organized Eurovision 2014, Albania will be represented with the beautiful song " One Night's Anger" performed by Hersiana Matmuja, writer Jorgo Papingji and composer Gentian Lako.

This song, which represents all Albanians throughout the globe, will come to the Eurovision, to conquer not only our hearts, but also those of our friends and lovers.

Hersi and her song represents in the eyes of Europe, in this important semi –final, the Albanian flag, our nation, our history, tradition and our old and contemporary culture.

The values and the symbol that Hersi represents that night needs your support. That night, we will see with emotion, with pride, but also with anxiety the Albanian flag raised among Copenhagen accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the song " One Night's Anger". During those three important minutes " One Night's Anger" will rise as the hymn-song of all Albanians.

I invite you dear friends to follow and to support by massively voting massively our representative song in Eurovision on May 6, at 21:00 .



Arben Cici



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