International contest for the promotion of Albania’s image

The Government of Albania is launching Branding Albania, an international, 2-stage contest on the concept and strategy of a nation branding campaign. Our aim is to create a new branding identity for Albania; one that will shape and promote a positive image, reflecting the new reality of the country and promoting it as a major destination to discover for tourism and investments.

For too long Albania’s image in the world has been unfairly shaped by the difficulties of our recent history, by the tumultuous events that have taken place in our region for the most part of the 1990s, as well as by the lack of a clear and coherent strategy and investment in the country’s image.

We aim to change that.  Branding Albania is conceived as an ambitious project that would allow us to take the initiative and shape our country’s image in a way that reflects its vibrant energy and huge potential for development, its rich culture and extraordinary historical heritage, its magnificent natural sites, unspoiled beaches and dramatic landscapes.

Branding Albania is open to every local and international marketing and branding agency. In the first stage the participants will have to deliver a concept paper with the mains ideas and elements of the campaign, as well as a finished logo and slogan.

In stage two, the 5 companies shortlisted from stage one by an international jury, will have to deliver a detailed proposal for the campaign, including a media and communication strategy, budget plan and sketches of the planned advertisement and promotion materials.
We wish to invite you to participate in the competition. 

You can apply by filling the application form on:


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