The daily Danish Jyllands Posten about tourism in Albania / 29.04.2012

"Here is cheaper and there are no tourists" writes Jacob Hove in the daily Danish Jyllands Posten on March 9, 2012.

"Here is cheaper and there are no tourist. A paradise for holidays, with beaches such as in Greece, with lower prices but still no tourists here. "You can find wonderful small beaches."
Cecilie Endresen, who wrote a theme project for Albania, reveals the southeastern European country that is bordered by Kosovo in the north, Montenegro in the northwest, Macedonia in the east and Greece in the south. According to a list, made in 2011 by Lonely Planet, the country with about 3.5 million inhabitants is the most interesting place for the holidays. The tourist magazine "Vgreisse" concluded that it is really worthy to visit Albania, the country with a coastline to the west on the Adriatic Sea and on the Ionian Sea to the southwest.
The conclusion is: Here are the most beautiful long distance beaches, the water is blue, here is cheaper but no tourists. Best tourist destination for 2011. Albania took first place in the guide Best in Travel 2011 from Lonely Planet, and the presentation of the country was described as follows: "Perhaps you feel that something magical is happening as in a fantastic roman instead of the best tourist destination of the future, but this is Albania with all its epic and eclectic magnificence .”
Greatness and Beaches
It is precisely the combination of history and beautiful beaches that prioritize Albania. About Gjirokastra which is a city situated in southern Albania, on the edge of Drino river, Cecilie Endresen says:
"Gjirokastra is a city listed on the World Heritage list of UNESCO. It is a fabulous city and very autochthonous with its small streets in the old part of the city ".
Prices in Albania are among the lowest in Europe and it is not harmful at all. That is reflected in the figures of Eurostat, the Statistical Office of European Community.
The article is accompanied by a photo from Vlora city, with the captions: According to the last year's list of Lonely Planet, Albania is among the cheapest countries in Europe to spend the holidays and one of the most interesting places which leads the top list.


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