Ambassador Cici meets Jessica Natali, the first Albanian to ever be employed at Noma restaurant.

Ambassador Cici meets Jessica Natali, who won the position "Chef de partie" in the Danish famous restaurant Noma.

Jessica, with Albanian mother and Italian father, has graduated the school for hotel and restaurants in Lorento (Ancona), and is the first Albanian to ever be employed with a long-term contract in restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, which is a internationally renowned restaurant, winner of numerous prestigious awards and listed three times as the best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine.

Jessica Natali, a girl who is proud of her Albanian origin and a girl who speaks very well Albanian, claims that she misses Albania, her relatives, her friends, its traditional kitchen and the beautiful sites. However, she often goes on holidays there.

She has won a contract as "Chef de partie" after a long period of training, during which she could demonstrate not only her passion for cooking but also the professionalism required in a restaurant such as Noma in Copenhagen.

Jessica is the youngest chef to be employed at Noma.

For her success and employment in Noma wrote also the Italian newspaper (Arleti Claudia in La Republica ).

Ambassador Cici gave a present to Jessica, a small Albanian flag, as a souvenir from her first visit to the Embassy of Albania in Copenhagen.


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