Ambassador Cici in the launching ceremony of a Danish documentary film "The Agreement" .

On the evening of November 8th, 2013 I had the honour to be the witness in the success of the Danish documentary film "The Agreement" from the director Karen Stokkendal Poulsen. The film was presented in the International Documentary Film Festival in Copenhagen held in the Bremen Theatre. "The Agreement" is simply the show of the real images from the development of Kosovo-Serbia talks under the facilitation and monitoring of  EU negotiator Robert Cooper face to almost unbridgeable positions (in the beginning ) of the two parties led by Edita Tahiri and Borko Stefanovic. The artistic way of handling characters in terms of ethnicity and professional origin, the artistic breakthrough in their soul and mind conditions facing the large responsibility of decision-making, the artistic and realistic emphasis not only of the pledge to not lose the history but also of the determination to gain the future make this documentary a real successful film of the director Stokkendal Karen Poulsen who, in my point of view, gave us a real lecture in the diplomatic negotiation matter.
What makes the evening even more interesting is the presence of the negotiator Cooper and the prime minister of Kosovo and the Kosovo side chief negotiator Edita Tahiri, who answered to the interesting questions from the very large audience attended this show.
I advise you not to miss the chance to watch this movieyes
Arben Cici 


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