November 28th 2012, from 15:00 to 17:00

The Mirror HALL of Kunstforeningen GL STRAND
Gammel Strand 48, 1202, København K

I would like to invite you to honor the national anthems of the Kingdom of Denmark and of the Republic of Albania.

Dear friends,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends of Albania and Albanians,
Dear compatriots,
Thank you for joining me today to celebrate together the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Albania. This is the biggest event in the history of Albania and Albanians.
This event is celebrated today not only in Albania but wherever Albanians live, and not only. Even Google has become today part of our celebrations.
A hundred years ago, on November 28, Albanians gained independence by being definitevely separated from the Ottoman Empire going back again to the European continent and its civilization, the world they belonged since the creation of their nation:
Though occupied for a long time, the Albanians were able to preserve and to pass among the generations their ethnicity and national identity, the Albanian language, but also the mentality and the European spirit to which they had contributed so much.
The border of war and peace between the Roman Empire and Byzantium in the third century was placed exactly in the middle of the Illyrian space, Albanians predecessors.
By Ilirikum provinces emerged distinguished personalities of the Byzantine and Roman Empire as the jurist Prisku, as the emperors of the III and IV century like Claudius II, Diocletian, Constantine I, Justin and Justinian.
The Albanian National Hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeg was proclaimed by Pope Callistus III and Pius II "Athlete of Christianity", because for 25 consecutive years, in the fifteenth century, he became an obstacle to Ottoman offensive towards the European continent. He fought to protect Albania and Europe.
Albanian Nobel laureates, "Mother Theresa" gave her soul to serve to God and love to people in need, regardless their ethnicity, color or religion they belonged.
1912 marks the rebirth of the Albanian state.
Today, after 100 years, we turn our minds and eyes to our difficult historical past but with the unique purpose to build a better future.
We can not forget the historical injustice, the division of Albania from the London Conference of 1913, as a result of which the Albanians were forced to live in four different states, but we are very determined to contribute to a better Western Balkans and integrated into European values, democracy and freedom.
We do consider it as the only way for a common future, safe and prosperous, not only for Albania and Albanians, but for all the people of the Balkans.
It has become our major national goal.
That is the reason why today, more than 90% of Albanians support the full membership of Albania into the European Union and they have turned their attention toward Brussels and its enlargement policy. We are confident that this process has only winners, as Albania, Balkans as well as all European Union member countries.
In this difficult journey towards democracy and freedom we have had the support and partnership of friendly and allied countries among them the Kingdom of Denmark. We are grateful to the Danish state, its authorities and the citizens of this friendly country for what they have done to facilitate our transition path. The relations between two countries have had an extremely high quality development. Thanks also, to the economic and political progress of Albania in the latest years. They are extended in the political, economic, commercial, military, cultural field. They are bilateral as well as multilateral and global one. From the very first steps of direct aid through DANIDA program, these relations have reached the level of partnership between two NATO member countries, joining efforts and sharing challenges to establish peace and democracy in the world.
We think we have even more opportunities and potentials to extend and to further enrich these relationships, such as in education and tourism sector, as well as in the investments, especially in renewable and green energy. In Albania, the Danish investors and tourists are welcomed not only by a favorable ground for investments but also by 300 days full of sunshine in a year and by a Mediterranean climate that unfortunately lacks in northern Europe.
Let me bring to your attention a few lines about Albania extracted from the speech of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Albanian Parliament on November 1 of this year: quote:
“…I look out at you and I see the future. I believe you will face the challenges and seize the opportunities of the century ahead. And I, for one, will be cheering you on and telling everyone who will listen if you want to see true democracy in action, go to Albania…”
Dear friends,
I would like to thank you once more for spending your valuable time to celebrate together this important jubilee for Albania and to share with you the wish:
Happy 100th Anniversary of Independence of Albania!
God bless Albania and the Albanians!
God bless you, your families and your countries!
Thank you.


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