Ambassador Cici’s meeting with Albanian Youth Network in Denmark / 03.02.2013

On Saturday, January 26, 2013, Ambassador Cici held a meeting at the Embassy with the Albanian Student Union presidency and with a group of young Albanian artists living in Denmark. The young Albanians and their activities had always the attention of the Albanian Embassy and the meeting intended to motivate them for various activities promoting

the image of Albania and the Albanians where ever they are.The students informed the Ambassador about their latest activities. Being a student organization its membership was limited only for students until now. For this reason, it has been decided that in the next meeting this organization will become the Albanian Youth Network in Denmark, aiming the involvement of a greater number of young people, as its target group for the future.

Ambassador Cici handed them “The gratitude certificate” for their contribution in the activities organized in Denmark on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Independece of Albania. He congratulated and supported their initiative but stressed the need of a great mumber of Danish friends participating in the activities, enabling information to them and to the Danish society about the Albanian world.
The Ambassador assured them his support and the support of the Embassy for any activity that aims to increase the positive image of the country and the nation, which helps the young Albanians to be integrated with dignity in the country they have chosen to live and be educated.
The Youth representation and the Embassy discussed for a future plan of activities, to celebrate and commemorate important dates of the Albanian nation. Among them, the nearest is the activity on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the declaration of Kosovo as an independent state. It was agreed to organize an open concert on the occasion of giving “Mother Tereza” name to a street or square in Copenhagen city. In this activity will perfor Albanian talented young people living in Denmark who are successful in the world of local music and among young Danes.


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