Certificate of Merit "Milan Šufflay"


Certificate of Merit "Milan Šufflay" given by and on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Zagreb for the people, institutions or organizations that provide outstanding contribution towards the strengthening of friendship and relations between the two countries and peoples; for outstanding contribution towards peace, security, stability and sustainable development in the region; or for special contribution in the field of academic, cultural, artistic, scientific and related to Albanians and Croats.

Generally, the Certificate of Merit is given to a Croatian and Albanian subject once a year, in the event of National Day of Albania.

Selection for the Certificate of Merit award is made by the Albanian Embassy in Zagreb, on the basis of proposals and suggestions received by open, transparent and public proposals.

Milan Šufflay

Milan Šufflay (Milan Shuflaj) was born on November 9, 1879 and died on February 19, 1931 in Zagreb. Mr Šufflay is Croatian historian and albanologist.

At age 24 he came into contact with sources related to the past of Albanians in the Middle Ages, for which he has also published several works. Among the cites studies on Albania are: "Acts and certificates that illustrate issues of medieval Albania"; "Church Circumstances in the pre-Turkish Albania"; "Political fates of Durres Theme"; "Biology of the tribes of the Albanian people"; "Cities and castles of Albania in the Middle Ages"; "The history of the northern Albanians", etc.

He was treacherously killed in Zagreb, a day after he returned from his visit to Albania, while he was preparing another edition with the Albanian state request. In protest, prominent intellectuals of the time as Albert Einstein, Heinrich Man, etc united their disgust for the murder and appreciated the work and life of Šufflay. His contribution in the field of Philology is regarded by scholars as a unique and irreplaceable. Šufflay is also considered a martyr of the albanology studies.

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