Bilateral Relations

Albania and Croatia are both NATO Member States and their bilateral relations are based on cooperation that is constantly intensified in all areas of mutual interest. The integration to the European Union is a major priority of our foreign policy and Croatia, as a friendly country, fully supports Albania in this process, based on the European Partnership document, signed between the two governments.

Albania, known as a country that has played and actually plays a constructive and moderate role in the region, considers Croatia an important partner not only in bilateral terms, but also in regional cooperation, considering it an important actor on the developments in the South East Europe. The future of the region lies entirely onto the European integration and Euro-Atlantic integration. Albania appreciates Croatia's support in terms of European integration and believes that this will continue for the next stage: the opening of accession negotiations.

Strengthening of economic cooperation and increase of trade exchanges remains a challenge for the future. Energy, tourism, transport, agriculture, culture and art are some of the important areas of cooperation.

History of bilateral relations

Albania has recognized Croatia as a new independent state on 21.01.1992 and our two countries have established diplomatic relations on 25.08.1992.

The relations between Albania and Croatia are assessed as excellent and there are no open issues among them. There is an intensive ongoing political dialogue between the two countries on bilateral relations, situation in the region and beyond. High and very high level visits, diplomatic consultations are frequent and constructive.

Croatia is an important ally for Albania in the region, and together we align with the same attitudes and positions on regional issues and beyond. Croatia has been a co-traveler in the process of NATO accession and the two countries have developed close cooperation in the framework of reforms in the defense and national security.

Croatia's EU membership on 1 July 2013 is a great achievement and historic event for the entire region. Albania is interested in further expansion of cooperation and benefit from the Croatian experience within European integration and particularly in the preparation of the accession negotiation process.

There is an increasingly growing interest from both the parties to intensify cooperation of economic and trade exchanges, cultural cooperation, education, etc. There are about 45 signed agreements with Croatia.

Based on the foreign policy, on the cooperation and mutual support in the joint efforts to accede to NATO, on the attitude towards Kosovo but also Albanian factor as a whole, also on the new political balances in the region, the place it occupies and the role it plays stemming from the history of our relations and its position in the region, Croatia is a NATO ally for Albania in the region, and the relationship can be upgraded to preferential relationship.

Economic cooperation

The relations with Croatia occupy an important place in the regional policy of Albania. We intend to have a more intensified political dialogue with this country at all levels, in the framework of bilateral relations, as well as in the framework of regional cooperation initiatives.

Croatia is one of the most important countries in the Balkan region, especially because it is the axis linking Tirana with Europe via the land route. All the possibilities exist and we should work towards the intensifying of stronger economic relations and trade, as well as boosting the promotion of the exchange of goods between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Albania, increasing trading activities, bearing in mind the growing role of the private sector, to intensify cooperation between the Chamber of Economy of Croatia and the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania, to promote their products in local and international fairs and to inform the business community about the opportunities that exist in their respective countries.

Albania and Croatia are part of several strategic regional projects, such as the Adriatic-Ionian Corridor, the so-called the Blue Corridor, IAP (Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline), and have an increased cooperation in the field of tourism and in other areas with common interest.

Statistics show that the trade volume between the two countries in 2014 was 46.33 million EUR. According to the National Registration Centre, there is a growing number of Croatian companies that invest or have their physical presence in Albania, in areas such as industry, construction of tourist villages, marketing and trade, consulting, information technology, etc. Other Croatian investments to our country are also welcome. Croatian direct investments in Albania in 2013 were peaked at the figure of 13.87 million EUR.

Also, Albanian private companies have increased consistently their interest to be present in the Croatian market, targeting a new market that is already part of the European Union.

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