Bilateral Relations

Republic of Albania and Canada established diplomatic relations on 10 September 1987. Until 1992, the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia covered Albania. Then until 1999 the jurisdiction of the Embassy of Canada passed the cover in Budapest, Hungary, and from 1999 onwards represented Canada in Albania through its ambassador in Rome, Italy. These relationships have greatly developed after the establishment of pluralistic democracy in Albania. They are based on the already good political dialogue and close partnership as allies in NATO, it was also characterized by a consolidated friendship.
In April 2001, Republic of Albania opened the first embassy in Ottawa, which gave a new impulse to the strengthening of relations between the two countries.
The year 2012 was marked by several key moments of impact in the reaffirmation of the excellent climate of the Albanian-Canadian relations. Mentioning the "Year of Albania" in Canada, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Independence; Extensive package of activities, which highlighted the tremendous potential of friendship and ties between the two peoples; the speech of Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Albania and Albanians; 25th Anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations.
A vibrant and well integrated Diaspora of around 28 270 Canadians of Albanian origin, according to 2011 census is an important factor in strengthening human ties and bilateral cooperation between countries.
Mutual visits of political personalities over the years:

  • In April 2001, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Mr. Paskal Milo paid an official visit to Canada;
  • In October 2007, the Speaker of Parliament of Albania, Mrs. Jozefina Topalli, paid an officila visit to Canada;
  • In November 2007 Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Sali Berisha, paid an official visit to Canada;
  • In October 2009, President of the Senate of Canada, Mr. Noel Kinsella paid an official visit to Albania,;
  • In May 2012, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto paid an official visit to Canada;
  • In September 2014, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, Mr. John Baird paid an official visit to Albania;
  • In April 2015, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Mr. Ditmir Bushati paid an official visit to Canada.

Holding diplomatic consultations is also an indication of the common willingness to strengthen political cooperation, in promoting good relations and resolving issues that may arise between the parties through an open discussion.
Economic cooperation
Albanian Development Agency and Investment cites Canada as the largest foreign investor in Albania with 810 milion euro in stock investment.
The main objective in bilateral relations remains the further strengthening of economic cooperation, especially by attracting further investment in vital sectors of Canadian, such as oil, gas, mining, sectors hydropower and water resource management and tourism industry in our country.
Bilateral agreements
In the context of deepening bilateral relations, the two countries have signed MOUs in various fields such as:
Ø  Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Albania and the Government of Canada to build new residence civil aircraft in Rinas International Airport, signed on 16.02.2001;
Ø  Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Albania and the Department of National Defence of Canada regarding the training of military personnel Albanian Forces in Canada, signed on 20.4.2005;
Ø  Memorandum of Understanding between the Albanian Agency for Development of Investment and Export Development CANADA (EDC), which was signed in May 2012.
It is coordinated with common will to advance the agreements in process, with the aim of supplementing and expanding cooperation with Canada normative.
Negotiations on the Agreement on the Protection and Promotion of Foreign Investments concluded in November 2013. Social Security Agreement is in the completing process. 

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