Happy Independence Day, Albania!

On November 28, the Albanian Embassy in Sofia organized the "Albania Day" fair to celebrate Independence Day together with the Albanian diaspora in Bulgaria. The fair aimed to promote Albania as a tourist destination and Made in Albania products to new market. The staff of the Embassy of Kosovo, students, representatives of the Albanian diaspora in Bulgaria as well as various visitors and passers-by, who had the opportunity to learn more about Albania, attended the fair.
Part of the fair was also the exhibition "Feel Albania" accompanying that for Made in Albania products.
This year, the main focus was on the Albanian diaspora and the strengthening of ties to cooperate in promoting Albania. The diaspora engaged in giving a congratulatory message differently by answering the question "What does Albania represent?" Small, adult, well-known representatives in various fields (sports, art, etc.) as well as Bulgarian friends said that Albania represents the homeland, unification, pride, roots, love, blood, power, childhood, friends, warmth, land, nest etc.
Young representatives of our diaspora were present with their drawings and paintings on the themes "Albania Day", "Flag Day" and "Independence Day". The children's works are promoted on the social media of the Embassy and will be exhibited inside the building throughout the year.
Meanwhile, one of the newest installations, located in the center of Sofia, One Person gave a congratulatory message to Albania in Albanian, Bulgarian and English.
Happy Independence Day, Albania!

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