Exploratory visit to the concentration camp in Belene

Ambassador Donika Hoxha together with a group of fellow ambassadors paid an exploratory visit to Belene and the island of Persia, where the former camp of the victims of communism is located. The diplomats honoured the memory of the victims of communism having the same opinion that life and democratic values ​​should be protected as well as underlining that the mistakes of the past should not be repeated in the future.
During the visit, the diplomats held a meeting with Belene Mayor Milen Dulev and had a touching conversation with the 93 year-old survivor Tsvetana Dzhermanova, that shed light on the bitter reality of the communist regime and the treatment of people. At the meeting, the Mayor informed about the expectations for the plans for the development of the area and the Belene nuclear plant being positive for the transformation. On the other hand, the story of the survivor, filled with darkness and hardship, highlighted the truth untold of communism in Bulgaria, that very few know.
The presentation of the history of communism in Bulgaria and the concentration camp was made by historians and scholars of Sofia University and the American University of Blagoevgrad, who provided a broader perspective on the events of the past in Bulgaria. They informed about the dark communist past, which uprooted democratic values ​​and punished innocent people with suffering. Part of the program was the acquaintance with the literature of this period and the difficulties of writers and poets to express themselves freely.
Thanks to the joint work of the Municipality of Belene, Sofia Platform Foundation and Belene Island Foundation, the stories of the camp are coming to light and many tourists and foreigners are turning their attention to recognizing the communist past and discovering the area and natural park around. The relentless work of these foundations has transformed the history of the camp into the development of informative educational programs.

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