A coffee with rakia in Albania

Ambassador Donika Hoxha had an interview for the summer edition "Balkan Spirit" of Bacchus Magazine - Gourmet, Wine, Tourism, entitled : "A coffee with rakia (brandy) please".
Albania is considered a hidden gem in the Balkans and Europe and this because of enormous attractions. The progressive growth of tourists number from Bulgaria in the last years is a clear indicator that nature value, the cultural heritage, food quality and traditionalism are aspects that offer a different experience for those, who aim to explore Albania.
From the north to the south, in every corner of our country, you will be fascinated by the Albanian beauties. Young people are part and give life to our beautiful Albania promoting it through social media or friends. They make a great contribution to a new environmental culture in Albania.
Ambassador Hoxha made her contribution too talking about the Albanian Riviera, the Adriatic sea, Albanian hiking trails, from Valbona to Theth, through the Accursed mountains, its delicious food and wine.

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