Bilateral Relations

- Overview

The diplomatic relations between Albania and Bulgaria were established in April 1913 and on 10 October 1922, Konstadin Boshniak presented his Letters of Credence as Head of Albanian Legation in Sofia. In March 1954, Albania and Bulgaria raised their diplomatic representation to the level of Embassies. From the early 60s onward the Embassies of our two countries were headed by Charges d`affaires and on 25th of January 1988, an agreement was concluded for an exchange of Ambassadors.

During the years that followed the Second World War, when both countries joined the communist camp, the bilateral relations recorded a development in all areas, with such development being preserved and further advanced nowadays.

However, now both countries share the same democratic values, having the strengthening of relations within the European Union and the NATO as their strategy.

The political relations between Albania and Bulgaria have been and continue to be very good.

Between both countries there has been consistent exchange of political visits of high ranks (President, Speakers of Parliament, Prime Ministers, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs).

- Cooperation in the regional and international framework

Albania and Bulgaria cooperate closely also within the context of a series of international and national organizations and organisms. Such cooperation is carried out in a regional context: Central European Initiative (CEI), South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), the SELEC and the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), and also in a broader international context: in the UNO, NATO, EU, OSCE, etc.

- Economic cooperation

Albania and Bulgaria are concretely committed to working towards the materialization of the economic relations between both countries. A series of agreements, which constitute the necessary legal framework for the economic cooperation development, have been approved and signed between both countries.  Both parties have expressed their interest to further complete the legal framework through new agreements.

There are a series of Bulgarian companies that operate in Albania, mainly in energy, supply with materials for road construction; banking sector; supply with cigarettes, etc.

- Educational and Cultural cooperation

Other important areas of cooperation between both countries are in education (organization of summer courses for the relevant languages, student and professor exchange between the universities of both countries), science, culture, arts, health, tourism, archives, libraries, cultural heritage, etc.

- The Albanian Diaspora in Bulgaria

The historically good relations between the people from both countries have also served as a bridge to further strengthen bilateral cooperation. Around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the Capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, was “home” to the activities of the Albanian patriots whom were used to gather and engage in activities related to the cause of the very existence of Albania. One of the most important among those activities, was the establishment of the first Albanian Cultural and Educational Association of the Albanian Diaspora “Dëshira” on the 1886; the opening of “Mbrodhësia” Printing House in 1897. Bulgaria was home to many prominent Albanian figures, such as Ismail Qemali, Shahin Kolonja, Gjergj Qiriazi, Themistokli Gërmenji, Thimi Mitko, Pandeli Cale, Mit’hat Frashëri, and also many others.

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