Albanian exclusive wine tasting event

Albanian Embassy in Sofia organized the 1st event dedicated to Albanian wines in Bulgaria. This was an opportunity to share moments of culture, history and tradition between our two countries after a very tough period of a pandemic.
At the event, were presented: Duka and Herta canteen from Durrës, Nurellari from Berat, Faba from Fier, Wine Society and Bejko from Permet, Vreshti e Pashait (Pasha's Vineyard) from Korca, Mrizi i Zanave and Kallmet from the area of Shkoder. Kinolli Canteen and Distillery offered the best rakia for our guests.
Albania has many autochthonous grape varieties, its vineyard of more than 10,000 hectares and its multi-millennial wine tradition will delight the most curious. The country has more than 2800 years of viticulture and it developed in the 8th century BC on the basis of autochthonous grape varieties that had survived the ice age, making Albania one of the oldest wine producing countries in Europe.
Since the year 2000, the production of grapes from vineyards has increased drastically: in 2019 compared to 2000, the production of vineyard grape increased 3.5 times (from a low base of 35,522 tons in 2000 to 113,854 tons in 2019). The area under grape has been growing rapidly – it almost doubled. There is a potential to substitute imports in the wine sector in Albania. There is a potential also to increase exports with Bulgaria.
Albania can be separated into 4 wine regions, which are mainly defined by their altitude: coastal plains, central hilly region, eastern mountainous region and mountain region. Durrës, Berat, Permet, Fier, Korca and Shkoder as well as Tirana and Vlora are the main cities for wine processing. The main indigenous grape varieties are Shesh (black and white), Kallmet, Vlosh, Serine, Pules, Ceruje, Mjaltez, Debin (black and white) Kryqes, Mavrud, Manakuq, Koteke, Vranac, Stambolleshe, Babasan, Tajge (black and white) etc.

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