The Albanian Diaspora learns Albanian

Albanian language textbooks for the children of the Albanian diaspora were distributed at the premises of the Albanian Embassy in Bulgaria.
In her greeting speech, Ambassador Donika Hoxha informed the children about the antiquity of the Albanian language and its uniqueness, underlining the importance of its learning by the children of the Albanian diaspora, wherever they are. She stressed the special attention that the Albanian government pays to the diaspora, underlining the good integration of the Albanian diaspora in the social composition of the country where it is located.
Further, she spoke about the tradition already established with the distribution of textbooks for teaching the Albanian language to the children of the Albanian diaspora, who although not born in Albania are related to the language of their parents and are ready to improve their level of knowledge.
During the activity were distributed primers and textbooks, To learn the Albanian language and culture 1, 2 and 3. In the following days will be distributed other textbooks for children of the Albanian diaspora.

Speech of Ambassador Donika Hoxha:
Dear compatriots and colleagues,
Dear children,
I am very happy for your presence today and especially of the children, who decorate this hall of our Embassy in Sofia.
For several years now, the Albanian government has increased its commitment to the diaspora, showing particular attention and trying to maximize its positive impact on the development of the country. The first years of emigration have not been easy for any of you, but we have already reached the moment when we feel proud of our representatives abroad who are not only best integrated in the social composition in the countries where they are located but in it at the same time they have remained closely linked to Albanian identity, culture, traditions and customs.
In cooperation with the Ministry of Education and special structures for the diaspora, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, every year has organized the distribution of textbooks for teaching the Albanian language and culture to children in the diaspora. I am happy that today these texts are in Sofia and will be distributed to you but also to other children in Bulgaria who could not be present.
Our fathers kept alive the Albanian language and identity through the greatest challenges we have faced throughout history. Another challenge, that of globalization and the freedom of movement around the world, threatens not to transmit the language to the younger generations. But your presence here today conveys the desire to keep our language and history alive.
Dear children,
The Albanian language is ranked among the 3 oldest languages in the world. It has its source in the Indo-European language, which has found use since the time before the birth of Christ, before the new era.
Albanians, wherever they live, are indigenous descendants of the ancient Illyrian population, which was neither Romanized nor assimilated by subsequent invasions. And we should all be proud of that.
We are even more proud of you that despite the fact that you were not born in Albania, you know the language of your parents. That is why we thought of giving you a gift today, the books of Albanian, so that you can learn it even better.
Thank you all!

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